Our comprehensive play-based educational program has been rated as ‘exceeding’ all elements of Quality Area 1: Educational Program and Practice in the National Quality Standard, an achievement that reflects the commitment, skills, and knowledge of our team.

Informed by current research and the Early Years Learning Framework, our program nurtures your child’s learning and development holistically, preparing them to be confident, capable lifelong learners.

Play is very important for children’s development, and through play, children learn to assess risk, challenge themselves, develop confidence and experience a sense of wonder in the world around them. Intentional teaching delivered in an accepting, sensitive and responsive environment by our team of experienced educators supports your child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.

Educator helping child write


Caregivers provide support, celebrate achievements and foster independence. Our nursery rooms are rich in exploratory play, where children can move around in a safe environment that is child-oriented.

Children can learn at their own pace and engage in activities that are spontaneous (singing at nappy change time), and intentional (story time, singing, musical instruments, finger puppets and painting).

There is plenty of time for cuddles and opportunities to form individual bonds and create a sense of belonging. Caregivers are in tune with the needs of each child, and babies are given the special attention they require, with cuddles and time to focus on the caregiver’s familiar faces. Each child is made to feel safe and secure in a home-like environment.


Toddlers are acquiring knowledge and skills rapidly at this stage and need stimulating and interesting play spaces to enhance their growth.

At Making Waves, toddlers have access to a language-rich environment and the space they need to explore and investigate.

As individual personalities are developing, it is important that educators develop each child’s sense of agency and foster personal independence.

Educators will assist children to regulate emotions and enhance communication. This leads to increased self-esteem and positive relationships with family and friends.

Our toddlers are engaged in a variety of hands-on activities throughout the day. This allows them to explore, use trial and error, succeed and develop confidence in an environment that is safe and secure, with the support of caring educators.

Kids and educator looking at a chick


Each child’s family has access to an online educational platform called Storypark. Families can download an app direct to their phone for Storypark and are able to view their child’s learning and routines daily. Each child has an online portfolio that contains their child’s pedagogical documentation. This portfolio is also able to be accessed via the app and is where our educators formally assess child learning using the main guiding documents required in the early childhood sector.


Our preschool program includes structured and unstructured play-based learning that considers each child’s interests and development.

Our Early Childhood Teachers assist in delivering and overseeing a comprehensive curriculum that ensures all children have smooth and positive transitions in the preschool room as well as into ‘Big School’.

Educators promote an emergent curriculum built on children’s interests and ideas that encourages curiosity and a genuine love of learning.

Our educators in the preschool space see the environment as the third educator. The preschool space is richly resourced, and areas in the space are intentionally set using educator knowledge and child feedback.